About Us

Marini Produce has been serving the Brandywine Hundred locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables for over 50 years. What started out as a little ​road side stand to bring delicious Jersey corn and tomatoes to the North Wilmington area has flourished into what we are today. Although we still travel to those same Jersey farms we did some 50 years ago, Marini Produce has become so much more. While still maintaining that local family owned feel, "The Stand", as we often refer to it, now offers fresh baked pies along with other baked goods, an assortment of cheeses from DiBruno Brothers in Philadelphia, homemade ice cream from Woodside Farms, our Delaware famous salsa from our own kitchen, and much more.  While the offerings of Marini Produce has expanded over the years, we have ensured that certain things remain the same: hard work and determination to bring great customer satisfaction and superior quality local produce to the family table has and always will be our highest priority.It has been so much fun growing and expanding as our community has and we look forward to continuing to serve the Brandywine Hundred.


Our Facilities


Located right where we began at 2121 Veale Road.


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Proudly created by Dante, Jessica and Max Marini.

2121 Veale Rd. 

Wilmington, DE 19810

(302) 475-5754