Welcome to the Online Store

Here are some things you may need to know before using the online store for the first. Please read through them to make the process easier.  We will know if you just skimmed through.
  • This is very much a work in progress but your help and feedback along the way will be greatly appreciated.
  • When you enter the website, there are two ways to find the products you are looking for (Shown at the red arrows):
    • You can manually find the item in each category​.
    • ​Or​ you can search for each individually at the top.
  • There is a section to say how many lbs you would like.

    • Some items like cheeses (usually between .5 and .6 lbs) are pre-weighed.​

  • ​Items that are by weight, if you would like a certain number of items specify that in the special instruction section.
    • For example if you would like 4 tomatoes instead of 4 pounds.
  • You can also put any unique requests in the special instruction section.
  • When you are ready to checkout click the shopping bag in the top corner.
  • Pay when you pick up.  The final price may vary because of weight.
  • In the order notes write down your car color, honk your horn, and we can bring it out to you.


  • Get your order in by 6 PM and you can pick it up by 6:45 PM.

  • The Online Store is open 24 hours a day but you can't pickup until after 9 am.

  • We have not set up delivery yet but we are working on it.


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